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By armorshred74731592, Feb 10 2018 11:29PM

Besides helping our customers keep the paper copy of their customers', clients', patients', employees' and families' confidential information from eyes that should not be seeing the material. In 2017, ArmorShred recycled ~900 tons (1,800,000 pounds) of shredded paper. Shredded paper is baled, then loaded into an truck to deliver to a papermill. Tissue paper, toilet paper and paper towels are made from recycled shredded office paper.

ArmorShred also collects corrigated box material from empty boxes that are not shredded with the office paper. Boxes are baled at the warehouse and routed to a kraft papermill for recycle to that stream.

Just a suggestion, it is a great time to clean out archived files, while the weather is cooler. Call ArmorShred today to schedule your purge or archive clean-out. 409-727-SHRED (7473)

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